Around 75% of people reading this page will not know what Ames Taping actually is. Many people still consider Ames Taping to be plastering. Although there are similarities in both, there is one significant difference. Ames Taping only covers the joints in the new plasterboard, not the whole wall as with plastering.

First and foremost Ames Taping is fire and smoke protection, secondly for cosmetic purposes.


There are six stages to Ames Taping:

Stage 1 The application of the tape.

Stages 2,3 & 4 are similar, each time applying a coat of joint cement over the face of the tape.

Stage 5 is sanding of the joint cement.

Stage 6 is the application of a dry wall primer , ready for decoration.

So why use Ames Taping?

The answer is climate and cost.

Climate due to the fact that Ames Taping dries far quicker than new plasterwork and as the saying goes "Time is Money"

Our tapers are fully qualified British Gypsum Mechanical Joint technicians. By applying the process of tape and cement to the joints in plasterboard walls. they produce the smooth surface ready to be decorated by the painters.

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